Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Artxanda #travelblogger #Bilbao

Day 16 of 365: Artxanda! 

On Saturday, my flatmates and I braved the weather (we're very much going through a wet spell here in Bilbao) and got out of the flat for some fresh air. We decided to head up to Artxanda, a small mountain  which has a lovely little park where you can enjoy panoramic views across Bilbao and even to the sea! There's a a funicular railway which takes you from just north of Zubizuri bridge (the white modern Bridge near the Guggenheim) up to the peak. After we enjoyed the views, we had a little wonder around and found the rest of the peak to be more than a little ugly. As nice as the funicular is, 'Mount' Artxanda is only 300m; next time I go up I'm definitely going to walk! 

Here's a picture of my flatmates and I on Saturday: