Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fruit & Veg prices here and home: #travelblogger #expatblog #travel


As I mentioned before, one of my favourite things about living here in Bilbao, Spain, is buying fresh fruit and veg from Grocery shops. I had a bit of culture shock when I was in London recently (they always say reverse culture shock is the worst). On New Years Eve, we were in a supermarket buying some things for dinner as well as drinks to have whilst getting ready and also food for a fry up. I went to the fruit and veg aisle and was genuinely shocked at the price of everything. In fact I think my mouth actually fell open. Another problem was that there wasn't much on offer that you could buy individually and have weighed out - everything was in packs, usually packs of six. Lemons were one of the few things you could buy individually and they were priced at 30p each. I couldn't believe it. 

In contrast, I went to my local fruit and veg shop here today and walked out with a bag full of yummy veg for less than 3 euro. The nice lady at the counter even threw in a free pepper (that had been damaged but she showed me where to cut in order to get the most out of it) 

This lot came to just €2.80. (That's £2.28 in stirling.)

Fruit and Veg, vegetables, courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, mushrooms, garlic

I know it's all relative but still I think there are things that could be done to encourage people back home to buy fresh veg instead of ready meals. (microwave dinners)-  there are huge advantages to being able to weigh out exactly how much you need. Not only does this save money but also means you waste less food. 

Blighty, I do love and miss you, but you're so damn expensive!