Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Settling back in to Bilbao Life #travelblogger #expatblog #Bilbao

Blog 9/365: Pintxo time! 
I stopped by a bar I've been meaning to check out today and treated myself to a Pintxo (Basque version of tapas). This was marinated octopus and prawn on bread and I had it with a mosto (grape juice - very popular alternative to wine here). I ate and drank while sitting at the bar and then threw my napkin on the floor afterwards (as is expected here), before paying and then moving on. Newcomers are always surprised that it's much more common to pay when you leave a bar rather than to pay just after you order your drink as is normal in the UK. You also have to remember what you've had, which is tricky after one too many vinos!