Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday Lunch Club #travelblogger #expatblog

Blog 53/365: My dinner today; fresh sardines (By dinner, I mean lunch. I'm from the Midlands in the UK and this is what we say there. I almost corrected myself and then stopped. I am who I am after all). 

They were absolutely delicious but I can't imagine just being given a plate full of fish and only fish in the UK. I had to suppress the Brit inside who wanted to ask; Where are the potatoes? Where's the side of veg? Instead I happily ate these delights with some crusty bread. It also wasn't the only thing I ate, my friends and I were once again enjoying the Menu del Dia in what is fast becoming a weekly Friday tradition. My first course had been a kind of stew with chickpeas, carrots, chorizo and pork, and then I followed with rice pudding again. All for just €8.40! 


Tomorrow I'm off to enjoy even more Basque culinary delights when I go to have lunch in a Txoko (I will explain what that is tomorrow for anyone who doesn't know). I'm already getting excited by the menu. If I'm not careful this is going to turn into a food blog instead of a travel/expat one!