Friday, 15 February 2013

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 Blog 46/365

Today I went for lunch with a friend who I work with and our other friend who is from here. Shannon is fluent in Spanish and Endeka doesn't have much English so they spoke in Spanish which was good practice for me. At points they spoke way to fast for me to keep up though. I really need to get back on it. I was really improving before Christmas and now feel like I've wasted all that hard work. I must try harder!

Anyway we had a very typical Spanish lunch - the Menu Del Dia. For travellers looking to try the local food, this is the best value for money. It's basically a set menu offered for knocked down prices during the day time. We went to a restaurant in Berango, the town where Shannon and I both work and it was delicious and great value for money. For our starter we had Fabada, a white bean stew with surprisingly, white beans in a hearty thick broth with chorizo, pork and carrots. It was served in a big bowl in the centre of the table so we just ladled what we wanted on to our own individual bowls. I love this kind of communal eating.

Next up Shannon and I had Guisado De Carne A.K.A Beef stew/Casserole. I actually don't know if these are the real names as we were given no menu (it wasn't that kind of place) so I've just googled what we ate. Endeka had Chorizo, fried eggs and chips. The Chorizo was homemade on the premises and was really tasty (yes I did steal a bit - all for the purposes of this blog of course!) The beef stew was delicious and cooked really well. The beef fell apart as we cut it and the potatoes were lovely and soft.

Afterwards Endeka and I had Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding) whilst Shannon had Flan. Both dishes sound fairly standard to a British pudding lover but they are a tad different to what we're used to. For starters the Rice Pudding is served cold. When I first tried it last year, I was dreading it. I imagined I would hate the texture of the rice and cream when cold but in fact I really liked it. It's fair to say though, the British hot version is much better (it is the ultimate winter warmer/comfort food) but I can live with the cold Spanish version. The flan is actually a kind of wobbly cold set-custard (or creme caramel) rather than the British flan which is a kind of open pastry that you fill with fruit or other sweet things. I've had it before and think it's OK but for me, the texture of it when so cold is all wrong.

Afterwards Endeka and Shannon headed to another bar for a post lunch coffee which I desperately needed as I was feeling so full and sleepy. Unfortunately I had class so had to go to my academy to prepare. All in all, it was a lovely lunch with some lovely people and a change from my usual (Pintxos and a coffee by myself between classes).

In other news, the rain has finally stopped and the sun was out. We don't know if the rainy season is over or if it's simply a break but obviously we're hoping it'd the former and we can get back to the normal unpredictable weather which we can just about cope with!